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A simple table contains the basic formula to do the hyip scoring. This table (see screenshot below) will do the scoring analysis for the hyip sites you are joining (sorted on column P).  Unlike other method the result will follow to your investment style (based on deposit you put on column G). Download & change the list to yours. Try to minimize the red colored cells by distributing your deposit to as many hyips that getting high PM Trust Score (put on column M).
Version 1.0 – May 2015
Introducion (1st Time Release)
Version 1.1 – May 2015
Add Feature of Red Colored Cell
Version 1.2 – May 2015
Scam Protection is now Priority
Add Notes to Explain the Red Color
Click on the picture below to see it on action..
Hyip Score Analysis

See Your Money Grow SAFELY & FASTER Than Before with Best Paying HYIP

The Web is constantly offering new opportunities to make money and get rich. One such fantastic investment option is High Yield Investment Program (HYIP).
Won't it be great, if you can safely see your money grow through variable and high rates of interest in building a substantial corpus? This is exactly what you achieve from this HYIP investmentprogram.

Available online, it is easy to join the best paying HYIPprogram, and you will reap pre-defined profits, almost immediately.

So, How Does It Work?

First, you will need to go to a reliable website that offers investments in HYIPs. Now, open an account with one of the available Electronic Paying System (EPS) and voila (!) from right next day onwards the pre-defined profits begin to flow into your account. It's that easy….
Depending on the company and its protocol you will get the interest amounts on a monthly, weekly, or even a daily basis. Sometimes, interest payments in best HYIP occur as a deposit term-end, where you will receive the bonus or dividends along with the principle deposit.

Interest rates will fluctuate between 0.3% and 3% daily, or 9% and 60% on a monthly basis. Resultantly, the money you have invested is compensated with surplus funds within an extremely short duration. After this you will begin to receive, net profits frommoney, invest in such programs.

Different Types of HYIP programs for Investments

When it comes to investments in High Yield Investment Program, your options are numerous. You can invest in FOREX, various high yield businesses, one of manifold pools, sweepstakes, and commercial totalizers, and company stock trading with an international exchange. Most of these opportunities are available on the Web, offering a safe way to see your money grow FAST through paying HYIPs!

Owners of HYIPs invest in participant funds and make tax-less profits based on their offshore status throughhigh yield program. Good profit accumulation through this method allows investors to pay high interests to investors making it a mutually satisfying and profitable transaction. However, to obtain profitable results, it is important to do your homework on the best paying HYIPs and then make choices.

What is HYIP Monitoring?

Web sites that monitor HYIP survey and the related activities offer investors a list of HYIP programs along with their performance. The best HYIP monitor is detailed, which gives accurate information to the investors, and help them find the safest vehicle to invest see their money grow.
In these financially uncertain times, you need all the help you can get to create a substantial fund for emergencies. HYIP programs are a great way to build a sizeable corpus safely, provided you are wise enough to select the right fund options.

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